Open Indoor Free Flight Meeting – Nyköping 2020

Welcome to an open Indoor Free Flight Meeting in Nyköping, Sweden, 2020-06-14

We have access to Rosvalla A-hall in Nyköping between 9 AM – 6PM.

Update: This event was moved forward in time to 14th of June, 2020. We are closely following the guidelines from Folkhälsomyndigheten. Please make sure you stay at home if you don’t feel well. Wash your hands often, and keep the physical distance of 2 m between each other. 

This is a meeting open to any free flying model weighing less than 25 grams, both duration and scale. We will arrange time slots based on the participants, classes etc.


Are you interested in indoor freeflight? Come and see for yourself! Call David (0731513333) during the day, and we’ll let you in.

The Hall

The venue is 13 m high, with flat level lamps mounted on some demanding structures, please see the images below:

Entry fee

We estimate the cost to around 500 SEK per person, it will depend on number of participants. All of us involved will have to split the total cost. Please make the payment in cash or by Swish to David Brohede, at the time of the event.


  • Briefing at 9.00
  • Exit at 18.00
  • Dinner in Nyköping afterwards. (canceled due to the COVID-19 virus)

Very welcome!

David Brohede