Nordic championships 2019

The Nordic Championships will be flown in Pori (Björneborg), Finland, on Saturday, the 14th of September.

The site

The Karhu-halli football hall in Pori is 16 meters high to lamps, and 18 meters to girders. The floor area is the size of a football field, so the plan is to fly light models in one end, and heavier stuff in the other, so most of the time, any class can be flown.


Friday 2019-09-13

We have a reservation for a trim session on Friday evening from 18 to 21 hours, the same site.

Saturday 2019-09-14

The hall is reserved from 09.00 to 19.00.

Possibly we reserve some time on one end for F1D only (if we feel that even F1M and F1L are too heavy).  And we plan to have a (self-paid) dinner for all  on Saturday evening.


Classes to be flown for the official Nordic Championships are:

  • F1D
  • F1M
  • F1L
  • F4F Peanut

For the open competition, we will have additional classes.


In Finland we have F1M-limited for juniors (restricted wing width, motor stick length, prop diameter, and no VP).


We also have a “beginners class” for both juniors and seniors, with 460mm wing span and 6 grams minimum weight.

Catapult gliders

And for this year we will be flying max. 300mm wingspan catapult gliders.

Even though the latter three maybe are not Nordic Championships classes, all are welcome to attend. Feel free to suggest other classes to compete!

Mini Stick

At 0.43 gram, this is the smallest and lightest class.


A great beginner’s class, simple build techniques but well flying models. 

Rules for the different classes can be found here.


Pori (Björneborg) is located on the west coat of Finland. Distance from Turku (Åbo) is about 140 km, drive time 1 h 50 mins via Highway 8. Distance from Helsinki is 240 km, 3h 20mins.

Arriving by car / ferry from Sweden:

1. Silja Line and Viking Line operate daily this route, either nightime or daytime. Arrival in Turku at 07:00 allows coming as late as Saturday morning and still making the competition.

2. A priceworthy alternative is Finnlines, who operates with a ferry between Kapellskär and Naantali (Nådendal). No disco or drunk teenagers, but all inklusive food, quiet truck drivers and a good night’s sleep. Both night and day departures.

Arriving by plane to Helsinki

3. You can also fly to Finland on Friday and hitch a ride with Finnish competitors from Helsinki to Pori. We have a limited number of car seats available for air passengers. Return trip on Sunday. Finnish Aviation Museum is located next to Helsinki airport, so you might check that also.

Bus connections

There are also good and cheap bus connection between Turku-Pori or Helsinki-Pori. Check

Entry and payment

Payment is done via bank transfer, or in cash (Euro) at the time of arrival.

Entry fees:
  • Official FAI classes (F1D, F1M, F1L, F4F): 50 Euros 
  • Open classes: 30 Euros
  • Juniors (all classes): 20 Euros

One fee for unlimited amount of classes. Examples:

  • Seniors flying F1D + Peruslennokki = total 50€
  • Seniors flying Peruslennokki = total 30€
  • Seniors flying F1M Limited + Peruslennokki = total 30€
  • Juniors flying F1D + F1M + A6 = total 20€
Bank details:

Tapio Linkosalo, bank account FI12 8000 2807 7646 82 and IBAN code for the bank is DABAFIHH 

Entry form

All participants should fill out the entry form online here.


We have made initial reservation for rooms at hotel Bepop in downtown Pori (Yrjönkatu 24). Price for double is 90 euros per night, a single is 80 euros. All rooms include breakfast, and there are some free parking spots in the yard (parking hall costs 15 euros per night).

The hotel requested the initial number of rooms to reserve by the end of May, and the final reservation should be made by end of August.

So please notify shortly it you want a room!

(Note that you can get the room at better price through, but that way you cannot cancel the reservation). We plan to have the price giving at hotel Bepop, and have a common dinner there afterwards, on Saturday evening.

Photos from the event

Photos can be found here


Final results can be found here: Pori Nordic Championships 2019 results 

Thank you all participants for a great competition,

Tapio, Simo-Pekka and David